Welcome to Kitsuhana

We were a website about otherkin and therianthropy (with a focus on foxes and kitsune) that also had an active forum between 2003 and 2010.

However, over time, I discovered that forums suck. They are hard to keep up with, and I do much better when chatting in realtime, and it allows me to discuss rather than to react to posts. That, and most the posts became SPAM over time. So this page will be here primarily to connect you to the various chat mediums that I use to talk about otherkin and therian topics.

I am Alynna and I am the admin for all the Kitsuhana related chats listed below. If you have no idea who I am you can visit my site here.

Kitsuhana is still active as a group, but primarily through its various chat rooms on different mediums and they will be linked below. You may already have an account on one of these, so you can choose whichever is convenient.

Please note some of the following requirements:

  • These chats are for adults, you must be 18 to join them. If you are under 18, please return when you are 18. There’s a dozen reasons for this rule and exceptions will not be made.
  • Each of the chats have a requirement to join which will be listed below. Ensure that you are ready to meet those requirements when you join.

DiscordI consider this our main chat.
When you join you will have access to limited channels. This is actually part of my greater network Kitsunet and Kitsuhana is part of it. Once you click on the link you must certify you are 18 by pasting this line into #role-requests:

@@mods I certify that I am at least 18 years old, and would like to become a user on this discord server.

Once a mod has granted access to all channels, you will see the Kitsuhana channel group. Post the following information to #kintroductions:

Name: Your kin name, not your given one lol.
Age: Your age in both physical years (this lifetime), and optionally, spiritual or kin age. Remember, you MUST be 18 or older. If you do not want to specfiy your physical age, please write “Adult”.
Gender: Should describe any genders you expect to present as, and if you have preferred pronouns, please note them here.
Kin-type(s): Please list them here, doesn’t have to be all of them, but should be at least one. If you are not otherkin but still requesting access, please note it here. If you’re still exploring the idea, also note that here.

A moderator (probably me) will read it, ask any questions needed, and grant access to the whole Kitsuhana group.

Also please note, the link above is subject to change if spammers or trolls decide to invade. If you would like to invite a friend, link them to this page, not the direct link.

You will be dropped into our gateway chat. This is to keep trolls and spammers from making it to the main chat.
Please introduce yourselves with both your kintype/theriotype and a short paragraph about why you believe what you believe about yourself and your identity, as well as ONE life experience you attribute to your therianthropy/otherkinness, to be considered to be invited to the main group.
Please note that we are not asking you to prove your therianness or kinness in your intro, but we use the intro to assess your understanding of these ideas.

This is my “Social media” site and other people can join it. It is part of the fediverse and links to a decent number of other furry, therian and otherkin related instances. If you click the link above you can sign up to participate. There is no intro required however you may want to put one in your profile.

I would like to note for all people who use the chats above. We could have a forum again and a number of other services as well. If you think you would use a forum, I would set it up.

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