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Kitsuhana brings foxes together to share, connect and communicate.

About a week ago, I dreamed that I... 'woke up', of all things. I had been napping in the late afternoon, and could vaguely hear what sounded like my parents outside my room.

When I 'woke up', I was still dreaming. I was aware of what was under my blankets--my legs and torso.

Only, from my waist down, I wasn't a human being. I had a fox's legs and pelvis, with human proportions. It was surreal--I could feel the joints and musculature, and the legs moved as if my own...

At once, I thought; 'This can't be right, right? I'm supposed to wake up as a human, unchanged, as ever... this must be a dream.'

As I thought that, my legs... became my human legs, again.

But here's the really trippy part:

Wrapped around my waist, were the same fox legs, from before. As if I'd 'slid' my body out from inside a fox's, and was laying atop that same fox's groin and belly. I didn't see behind me, but I 'felt' the sense that I was lying atop something warm--almost like a lover, in bed with me.

I woke up after the realization that I wasn't alone in the bed.
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