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One resource I've found very useful in gaining new insight, on foxes--is China. There is an 'immense' reservoir of information, on foxes, their stories, the human superstition surrounding their purpose and powers... even accounts of 'fox worship' in the homes of individuals.

The funny thing is, because none of it is projected 'at' Western society, through things like anime, it's easy to entirely miss 'ALL' this information, for the comparative abundance of Japanese information. But once you start tapping into what China thinks about foxes, you're going to start seeing a disturbing number of similarities, to how 'kitsune' are described.

So, if you are 'very' interested in learning more, about what the East thought of foxes--and not just modern, Japanese perspectives--you may be very interested in picking up "The Cult of the Fox", a folklore study by Xiaofei Kang. It's even in English, so you won't need to pick up any Mandarin, to get the general gist of the information inside! Believe me when I say, this puppy is chock-full of fox lore, some many of you might never even have known existed!

I'm really pleased with this find, and I hope you'll enjoy it too, if you have the time and interest to learn. ^^

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