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Hey, everyone!
So, this introduction is a bit late. I would've had it done sooner, but life tends to get into the way of things (especially in one's senior year of college).

In any case, I'm Arysyhn, and I've known I was 'other' in some way I guess since I was a lot younger. I've always kinda known I have a tail (though I knew it wasn't really there physically...which still did nothing to quell anxieties about people seeing it), but I didn't have any name for how I felt until I got into high school and found out about the concept of otherkin. Over the next several years, and a lot of soul-searching, trying to figure it all out, a friend introduced me to the idea of kitsune, and the concept just 'clicked'. Fast forward to today, and here I am!

Beyond that, I am, as I said, about to graduate (if all goes well with these last few classes) with a degree in English, which I plan to use as a starting point for grad school, and beyond (eventually, I hope to teach at a college level). I have looked into studying various types of magick, though I tend more toward working with energies than anything too ritualized. My hobbies include tabletop gaming, walking through the woods, playing and listening to any kind of music from Goth to Celtic (I'm most proficient with violin, though I also sing).

TL;DR: I'm a very scattered individual.

So, uh, hi, I guess! ^_^;;
Why must I be light or dark? Here, you can choose between the two, I shall remain in twilight, a specter of times past and the mystery of what is to come.
Welcome to Kitsuhana!
"The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?"
Hello, nice to meet you fox_happy
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