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It's been a long time... I've always had a fascination for the canine, and my history is shrouded in mystery. There have been times where I felt like I was only a shadow of my former existence, there's been times where I believed in the good of the world and got gutted for it. I've lived a life in shadows once more, undetected and nobody being able to see me unless I really screamed out for them. Slowly, but surely, I got back in touch with my spiritual self, and found that canine as dog or wolf felt like an idealism, and not who I truly am. It took another part of time to realize I'm more of a fox then I knew, and started to investigate about it. After a while, I was no longer investing or being curious about being or becoming a fox, and I realised, this is who I actually am. I, if I not already was, became a fox. Though I've missed quite a few years where things would've gone better or differently if I knew I was a fox, I'm still content with my past. I know it has eventually made me who I am, and cannot have it any other way, I've learned to respect my miserable past as part of me. And now, I can be as foxy as I desire fox_tongue
Observant and curious, calm and hyperactive, male and female, trickster and teacher, black and white, yet not grey is the life of the kitsune. "Duality" is the best single word to describe our race the best so far.
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