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Thread: Dream Locking?
KD said...

I like the head-trips of supposedly dreaming with another dream. And finding weird words or original names in dreams, is like collecting secret treasures. I used to think they meant something, but they're still fun regardless.

I do not deliberately practice any lucid dreaming techniques, but it is often that I notice the inconsistencies, or simply disagree with the content of my dreams and so will it to be otherwise. Usually my attempts will change things, but not in the way I am intending them to work out. It often feels like a contest of wills. Sometimes I will become frustrated, reject dreaming and wake up. But usually things just transition somewhere else or my alarm goes off. Either way I've ultimately escaped what I didn't like. So it works out for me.

Wish I could be more help.

I think that's the most annoying thing about lucid dreaming for me. Even when I discover I'm dreaming, I'll often fall back under the illusion of the dream before I can do anything significant, or wake up shortly after due to the power rush that comes with being able to do whatever I want.

My failsafe is to close my eyes tightly and then open them while in a dream, it's a sort of 'forcequit' I developed over time. The fact it didn't work was a bit of a shock, though looking back on it it may have been due to tiredness keeping me from waking up too soon.
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