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But after over five years of having to defend myself over my belief that I am a dragon I got nervous about it.

I have a workaround for that. Except for a few precious exceptions, all our beliefs are based on personal experience. Even the exceptions are just shared experiences only relevant to those involved. That's what we've got as our evidence. To us, that's enough. To others, it's anecdotal, and a far-fetched conclusion at that. There is no proof to be given, and so, doubt is the correct response on their part. Think about how you would feel having someone of a different religious belief quote their holy book at you to "prove" something they said. It's similar to that. To them, it's evidence; to you it's just a book.

Followers of most religions are commanded to convert others. We aren't a religion, we aren't burdened by this geas. We can't convert anyone, we don't have dogma to impose on others. So whether someone validates or dismisses your beliefs only has the value you place on it. Consider their perspective: they are right to question, so don't take offense or fear it. If they're being a dick, ignore them. Otherwise, give them the benefit of the doubt that they're just treating the subject with due gravity. That's extremely valuable. I never would have gotten this far without the sincere skepticism of others. Learn to love it.

Acceptance is a great thing, but consider the social and spiritual separately. Don't miss connecting with people because they don't believe you, and don't base the strength of your belief on whether you can convince others. There's no need to do so. And if they can be as upfront about their disbelief as you are about your belief, that's a fair enough common ground. I'll take an honest asshole over a polite liar any day.
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