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Thread: Dream Meanings
How intriguing. The way I see it, I could go with one of two interpretations. The more literal interpretation is that she's referring to a rockslide, which fits well with the sensation, but not the context. The second interpretation would be from how you capitalized the rocks, and her phrasing, leading me to believe that the Rocks are some sort of gang or organization. If you meet up with her again, I'd suggest you ask her 'who are the Rocks?', but the way you said things in your earlier post, I'm thinking this is more of a one-off, right?

Another helpful thing, which I don't blame you if you don't remember, would be setting. Is there any correlation between the encounters' locations? Did you have to travel, or was it a lot of fading or cutting to and fro? What was the setting of the last encounter?

Anyone and everyone, feel free to pile on with speculation and dreams alike! It's good for forum activity.
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