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I had an idea recently!

My idea was to create a thread here for people with recent dreams they can't quite understand, so with the combined might of the forum, we could try to decipher the meanings of these dreams together. This here forum needs activity to get going at full speed!

Myself, I only seem to remember those dreams that are the combination of random concepts, kind of a noise-dream.
C'mon and slam,
And welcome to the CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT.
Err, well not really my place to say, but aren't the meanings of dreams are kinda hard for others to decipher for you due to the difference in the way you and they think? So depending how well they know or sync with you it might effect the accuracy of their translation.
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I had a wierd dream that had this strange little girl who looked out of place who kept popping up. I told a friend and apparently the girl matched the appearance of a ghost who is at his workplace.
Actually, keinji, that's exactly the point! If a person is really stumped on something, oftentimes a new perspective from someone else could be just what they need to help draw their own conclusions. And with more participants, I trust their points of view will also differ enough to allow for them to discuss their theories intelligently together. Keep in mind, this is more of an aid than an outright answer.

And Lin, could you tell us a little more about this girl? What was she doing? Did she say anything? How did your coworker come to know about her?
C'mon and slam,
And welcome to the CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT.
Little girl looked like one of those off color movie images in the dream wearing one of those big sunhats, a flowered dress, and sunglasses and was holding a red ball. Each time I saw her she was facing sideways and would say 'The Rocks are coming' and vanish, but the last time before I woke up she turned to face 'me' with the sunglasses off and a big creepy grin and said 'The Rocks are coming to end you.' I heard a roaring sound, like strong winds or something rushing towards me, and everything went black and I woke up.

When I told my friend about the dream I didn't say that the dress was flowered and I didn't mention the ball. He had seen her a few times while working, he works the graveyard shift at our workplace. Also not that it really affects much, but he's a angelic elf type otherkin.
Last update on March 9, 8:48 pm by Lin.
How intriguing. The way I see it, I could go with one of two interpretations. The more literal interpretation is that she's referring to a rockslide, which fits well with the sensation, but not the context. The second interpretation would be from how you capitalized the rocks, and her phrasing, leading me to believe that the Rocks are some sort of gang or organization. If you meet up with her again, I'd suggest you ask her 'who are the Rocks?', but the way you said things in your earlier post, I'm thinking this is more of a one-off, right?

Another helpful thing, which I don't blame you if you don't remember, would be setting. Is there any correlation between the encounters' locations? Did you have to travel, or was it a lot of fading or cutting to and fro? What was the setting of the last encounter?

Anyone and everyone, feel free to pile on with speculation and dreams alike! It's good for forum activity.
C'mon and slam,
And welcome to the CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT.
Basically the entire dream happened over thousands of years, she showed up whenever 'I' was involved in some sort of circumstance. Once it was a war, another time just a village, the last time basically a last place of refuge for the living, looked like a hospital. I was aware of the passage of time in the dream, but didn't pay attention when nothing interesting was happening unless I saw the girl. Kingdoms and civilizations rose and fell through the course of the dream, but there was a small group of people other than myself who were a constant, they couldn't be killed. The part when the girl last appeared was the only time in the dream I was observing from a non body vantage. A couple of the immortals had come in, male and female who during the course of the dream were basically troublemakers and thieves,looking for another one of the immortals who had previously shredded the male's heart (took a couple of decades for him To heal). They entered the building and that's when the girl showed up for the last time.
What I mean by non body vantage. The entire duration of the dream I am seeing through one person's eyes. The last part was more of an outside view like most movies show.
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