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Hello, my friends and fellows.

I am Akailur, a red panda therian. I'm also a therian who never bothered to post in old kitsuhana. I'll try harder this time! You may remember me from otherkinsight, which, sadly, died slowly.

I suppose people post about their awakenings in this section, so I will, too. Two years or more ago, my much older sister introduced me to red pandas, on a whim. However, as weeks went on, I kept noticing more and more similarities in mannerisms and various nuances between them and I. It was frightening how many I noticed so suddenly. And then I discovered otherkin, and knew in my heart that this is what it must be.

I'd say that I'm still awakening even now. A few months and getting into psionics later, I was fooling around with imposing phantom limbs, seeking self affirmation on a rather doubtful day. I was imposing limbs to show myself that a lot of these didn't feel right, and that I was't just feeling a kinship with whatever I came across. Unexpectedly, during this exercise, when I tried the limbs of a dragonite, it felt right. Really, REALLY right, antennae and all. This came as quite a shock, as I had done this with other sorts of dragons' parts with no reaction. In the week after this exercise, I started noticing similarities again, but at an alarmingly faster rate. There were less similarities, but this time, they were coupled with increasing species dysphoria and aches in the areas where these limbs would have joined to my body. Panicked, I went to my more wizened kin friend for help. At his suggestion I meditated and soul searched for a few months and found it to be a more dominantly embedded facet of my soul than being a red panda.
I was unsure about posting the second part, but I'm glad I worked up the courage to do so. I'm sure it'll be beneficial to me.

Tldr; I more formally identify as a red panda, but less certainly and more dominantly as a dragonite.
C'mon and slam,
And welcome to the CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT.
Welcome here~ Hope you enjoy your stay here.
I'm a fox that likes to fox around.
Hello again, fluffy buddy! I look forward to having discussions with you again on these new forums.
C'mon and slam,
And welcome to the CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT.
Hello, nice to meet you/see you again.
Welcome to the party. Whatever conclusions we make, we have time to revisit them with new wisdom later. Enjoy the ride. Don't get hung-up on having the 'right' answers. And party on! smiley
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