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Kitsuhana brings foxes together to share, connect and communicate.
Kitsuhana is a site primarily for foxes and kitsune, and other theriotypes related to foxes. However that should never be construed to mean that other theriotypes are not welcome, because they are.

This being said, I'm kind of liking the idea of this place being a place for foxes and about foxes. There are now *alot* of communities out there for general otherkin, and for full disclosure I co-own with Shiro and if you are looking for such a community, that will be a great place to sign up.

Whether you want to be here, is all about what you are looking for in a site. I have wavered between whether Kitsuhana should be a general otherkin site, or a fox focused site, and now I'm moving towards the latter, however I reiterate that this does not mean others are not welcome, as long as they know that they'll be hanging with foxes..

As might have been noticed, this community is also a somewhat closed community, in that you have to request an invite on the front page or be invited by another member. This was done primarily to keep trolls and spammers off the board (and mostly spammers as I used to have to clear around 100 accounts a week) but it also serves as a form of quality control, in that I get to see who is signing up and where they are from. This is probably slowing down signups a bit, but we are a gated community in about the same way as there is an accessible latch on our gate.

Any legitimate otherkin or therian can request an invite to this site and pretty much be allowed to join without too many questions asked, unless things seem suspicious. Additionally, any member of this site can click the 'invite' link in the top right corner and invite their therian and otherkin friends, and I do encourage it as long as you are thinking about who you invite and ensure that this community is right for them.